Our Vision for the Children of Westbrook

For the Children in Kindergarten through grade 4 at Canal, Congin and Saccarappa School

  • Relieve Overcrowding at Saccarappa, Congin and Canal School

  • Provide Needed Space for Forecasted Growth

  • Remove ALL Portable Classrooms

    • 2 at Canal (7 Spaces)

    • 1 at Congin (2 Teaching Spaces)

    • 2 at Saccarappa (5 Teaching Spaces)

  • End Lunch in the classroom

  • End Busing Saccarappa Children to Physical Education

  • Address the Dangerous on Street Student Pick-up and Drop-off

  • Place Saccarappa Main Office in Sight Lines to Parent and Bus Drop-off

  • Upgrade Security at Saccarappa School

  • Add Much Needed Playground Spaces at Saccarappa 



For the Children in Grades 5 through 8 at Westbrook Middle School

  • Relieve Overcrowding in classrooms

  • Provide space for teachers currently without classrooms:

    • Spanish

    • French

    • Health

  • Provide adequate space for STEM (Science, technology, engineering and math)

  • Provide needed space for forecasted growth