Saccarappa Construction Updates

The following page will give periodic updates and share milestones in the construction and renovation of Saccarappa School

August 14, 2017

We are in week two of construction and things are still moving rapidly at Saccarappa School.  The ground where the building, parking lot and baseball/softball field will be build has been cleared, graded and they are in the process of installing drainage features.  As you can see from the photos, the back of the school looks nothing like it did at the end of July.  Although it is difficult to see, there is a fairly substantial grass area with a path leading out to it from the back side of the building.  This will be fenced, made safe and will become our play area for recess for the next two school years.

Dr. Lancia Signing Contract with Arthur C. Dudley

Dr. Lancia Signing Contract with Arthur C. Dudley

July 27

Meetings were held at the Westbrook City Hall and at the Westbrook School Department with school and city officials as well as representatives from Harriman Associates (the project architect and engineering firm) and Arthur C. Dudley (the contractor for both the WMS and Saccarappa project) to finalize contracts and open a dialogue between all involved parties associated with this project.

Before and After Photos

Below is a series of images taken from about the same place on three different dates.  As you can see, our friends at Shaw Brothers have been busy preparing the school grounds for the start of construction.  

Below are a few assorted pictures...