Saccarappa Construction Updates

The following page will give periodic updates and share milestones in the construction and renovation of Saccarappa School

Note: All previous construction videos can be viewed below by date.

January 28, 2019

This video takes you inside the renovation work being done in the sections of Saccarappa School that we moved out of during the December break. The work has been extensive and includes a great deal of floor cutting and wall removal. This first video is the initial phases of renovation. There is a tremendous amount of demolition - for anyone who has been inside of Saccarappa School it is a little shocking! Once they finish the demolition, then they will being the rebuilding process.

We will be having an open house on Saturday, February 9th from 9:00 - 10:00 so that we can show anyone interested what an amazing job has been done with the phase of construction. We will be taking groups of people on guided tours throughout the school.

January 27, 2019

This video shows Saccarappa School after the move to the new section of the school. We moved during the last two 1/2 days of school before the break and during the holiday break. We have been in the “new” section since Wednesday, January 2, 2019. As you can see from the video, this move has given us a great deal of needed space. We now have a cafeteria that can hold 200 students and a gymnasium. We have been pleased to find that most of the ideas that we had regarding student movement in the school have been correct. What a much needed change for the children of Saccarappa School. We will be having an open house on Saturday, February 9th from 9:00 - 10:00.

November 14, 2018

We are about one month from “substantial completion” of the new building at Saccarappa School. In mid-December, we will begin the process of moving everyone to the new part of Saccarappa School so that the contractors can begin working on renovations starting on January 4. When we come back from the holiday break, we will have moved 32 classrooms, teaching spaces, and other rooms into the new building - only the 7 classrooms in the renovated 1953 wing will remain where they are. We will also enter through the new front entrance.

In this video, you can see that the exterior of the new building is nearly complete. In comparing it to the August 12th video, there have been only a few cosmetic changes on the outside but nothing substantial has changed. This is not the case with the inside of the school. Inside the building, the classroom wing is nearly complete and looks like we can move in tomorrow. As you can see in the video, there is still much work to complete during the next month but it is certainly starting to look like a school.

August 12, 2018

Above is the latest video taken on August 12 shows how much of the front of the new section of the school has been completed.  The General Contractor (Dudley) has worked hard to complete the front of the school so that we could use the bus loop and playground area in the front of the school at the start of the 2019 school year.  When we come back from the December break, we will have moved completely into the new building and use the off-street entrance exclusively. 

Currently there is a great deal of work going on to ready the 7 rooms in the 1953 wing that have been renovated over the summer.  While there were some unexpected complications with respect to the floor of the renovation, this issue has been addressed thoughtfully, timely and with economic prudence.  I have been impressed with the professionalism of all involved.  

May 20, 2018

The gap between the last video and this one has been largely due to a busy schedule and weather conspiring to keep me from getting drone footage.  In the May 20th video, you can see a tremendous amount of change to the school both inside and out.  This makes sense as the gap between the videos has been nearly a month and a half. 

On the outside of the building you can see from the video that much of the masonry work has been completed.   Two weeks ago, the last part of the roof over the gymnasium was installed over the roof decking making the school waterproof from above.  With nearly all of the exterior windows installed the school is nearly closed up and is starting to look nearly complete from the outside.  

On the inside of the school, there has been a great deal of work happening.   Last week the final floor was poured in the gymnasium.  A walk around the inside of the school shows that rooms have been mostly framed and some of the dry wall material has already been hung.  Mechanical, air handling and electrical systems are also starting to be installed.  

The find folks at Arthur C. Dudley our general contractor have assured me that the project is on schedule and going well.  Just as a reminder here is a more detailed look at the completion schedule:

  1. Renovation of 6 classrooms in the 1953 wing (the wing on Huntress Avenue) completed over the summer of 2018.

  2. Move into 6 renovated classrooms in the 1953 wing for the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

  3. Completion and turn over of the entire new facility completed in December of 2018.

  4. Move from existing school to new classrooms during the December 2018 break.

  5. Renovation of the remaining Saccarappa School facility starting in January of 2019.

  6. Completion of Saccarappa School renovations in the Summer of 2019.

  7. Substantial completion of entire project Summer of 2019.

April 8, 2018

A great deal has happened over the past month.  As you can see in the April 8th video, the roof has been installed and been made waterproof everywhere except over the gym.  While there is a tremendous amount of work being done outside the school, there is even more activity inside.  In the classroom wing, the floor has been poured and doors and walls are being installed.  The interior pouring of the floors has continued into the kitchen area, music room and several rooms around the administrative wing.  They are even beginning to install some of the air handling equipment.  Over the next week or so, we should see a good deal of work on Huntress Avenue as they will be connecting the new power supply to the mechanical room.  

March 6, 2018

In the March 6 video, many of the external features of the building are becoming evident.  The front entrance is clearly apparent and nearly all of the first part of the exterior walls are in place.  Tenting is in place for the masonry work that will be done on the front of the building nearest Huntress Avenue.  The video also shows the inside of the school from the gym entrance down the classroom wing.  A great deal of progress has been made in the past three weeks.

February 17, 2018

The February 17 video shows that the entire roof decking has been installed and the majority of the outer shell is in place.  It is starting to look like a school - The entrance is clearly visible as are a variety of other structures such as the classrooms, the gym and the cafeteria.  

January 20, 2018

The January 20th video was taken only 6 days after the previous video.  I did this because there was so much that happened during the week.  As you can see from the video, the entire steel structure has been constructed.  Walls are going up and most of the metal decking has been installed.  It won't be long before the entire new section is closed in and I will have to take videos from the inside - That should be fun! 


The Beam

Here is the beam that our "Saccarappians" all signed. It is located to the left of what will be the front entrance to our school.

January 14, 2018

The January 14, 2018 video shows the amazing progress that has been made with respect to steel construction.  In the video, the shape of the building is starting to become evident.  The video was shot high up in the air to also get a sense of perspective - new construction as compared to renovation.  The new construction is about 55,000 square feet.  This, added to the existing 29,000 square feet, will make for a 84,000 square foot school scheduled for completion during the summer of 2019.    


Beam Signing

All of our students and teachers had an opportunity to sign a beam during the week of January 8th. This weekend, the beam was added to the school giving everyone in our Saccarappa Family the opportunity to BE a piece of Saccarappa history!

December 24, 2017

The December 24, 2017 video shows construction after the first few snowfalls of the winter season.  Walls are starting to be constructed and the final preparation for the steel structure around what will be the front of the school is taking place.  The noise in the school has somewhat quieted as much of the site work has been completed.  

December 9, 2017

The video below dated December 9, 2017 was taken after the Breakfast with Frosty celebration and before the Saturday snow.  As you can see the steel has been erected for a couple of sections and site work continues.  Our students have very much enjoyed watching the steel workers as well as the big crane that has put the steel into place.  


November 27, 2017

The video below marked November 23, 2017 shows progress to date.  This may be the last video before the actual building is constructed.  Steel was delivered to the site earlier in the week and as of November 27 is beginning to be erected.  The next video should show the shape of the school building and give the viewer a sense of what Saccarappa will look like in the future.  In the video, you can see the complete "foot print" of the school.  The courtyards especially the one nearest the first phase of construction can also be seen clearly.

October 31, 2017

We had not school on October 30 due to the big wind storm that came through the northeast on Sunday into Monday.  Thankfully, the storm did minimal damage to our school or the construction site.  Other than some construction fences and saw horses being knocked down, the school weathered the storm without incident.  Steel is scheduled to arrive sometime during the month of November and then we should see a great many external changes.  Stay tuned!

October 15, 2017

Over the weekend, lines were painted on the pavement so that parking spots and driving patterns are well established.  The bus loop has one way traffic in two lanes and the road leaving the school parking lot has two lanes of traffic.  Construction has also started on the footers nearest the bus loop.  The general contractor, Arthur Dudley, appears to have the project on schedule and progressing at a very quick pace. 

October 10, 2017

Over the Columbus Day weekend, Shaw Brothers completed the grading and first coat of paving of the parking lot and bus loop.  The paving in concert with the beautiful wooden fencing around the retaining pond has created the beginnings of a finished look to the parking lot.  More importantly, it has also made the bus loop safer for children and their teachers.  As you can see from the photos and video, the footings are nearly completed for the new classroom wing.

September 13, 2017

As we settle into the school year, our wonderful Saccarappa family is getting used to the "new normal" of being a construction site.  The first 100 yards of wood chips have been delivered and spread over a muddy part of our playground.  On Saturday September 8, 2017 a group of individuals from the school department and one generous Saccarappa family volunteered their Saturday morning to clear the play area of remaining roots and debris.  On Tuesday September 12, 2017 a second 100 yards of wood chips were delivered.  The wood chip "mountain" is waiting to be spread sometime later this week.  

Our construction project is still well ahead of schedule.  Currently the construction crew continues to prepare the ground and pour the footings for the foundation of the Saccarappa addition.  

August 31, 2017

Construction has continued to proceed at a surprising rate.  Much of the parking area and bus loop is approaching readiness for paving and the builders have already begun to dig the foundation for the new wing of the school.  More importantly, school has opened and while everything was not perfect, we had a very smooth start that was good for children.  The addition of a crossing guard has been most helpful.  

There were two news stories about the project.  One was on the front page of the Portland Press Herald called Westbrook Students Returning... and another television interview on Channel 6 called Schools Under Construction.  Both are an accurate picture of how the projects are going and their impact on school.

August 14, 2017

We are in week two of construction and things are still moving rapidly at Saccarappa School.  The ground where the building, parking lot and baseball/softball field will be build has been cleared, graded and they are in the process of installing drainage features.  As you can see from the photos, the back of the school looks nothing like it did at the end of July.  Although it is difficult to see, there is a fairly substantial grass area with a path leading out to it from the back side of the building.  This will be fenced, made safe and will become our play area for recess for the next two school years.

Dr. Lancia Signing Contract with Arthur C. Dudley

Dr. Lancia Signing Contract with Arthur C. Dudley

July 27

Meetings were held at the Westbrook City Hall and at the Westbrook School Department with school and city officials as well as representatives from Harriman Associates (the project architect and engineering firm) and Arthur C. Dudley (the contractor for both the WMS and Saccarappa project) to finalize contracts and open a dialogue between all involved parties associated with this project.

Aerial Panoramic Photo October 7, 2017

Aerial Panoramic Photo October 7, 2017

Video of Saccarappa Construction Taken on October 7, 2017

Before and After Photos

Below is a series of images taken from about the same place on three different dates. As you can see, our friends at Shaw Brothers have been busy preparing the school grounds for the start of construction.


Another Set of Perspectives