After over one hundred meetings over the period of three years, below are the architectural designs for the expansion and renovation of Saccarappa School and expansion of Westbrook Middle School.



 Over the past several years, the Westbrook School Department has been working to address current and future facility needs. The Westbrook School Committee and Westbrook City Council have had several collaborative workshops to determine the best and most fiscally responsible way to right-size ALL of our city schools to meet the needs of all of our Westbrook children. 


The goal of the Westbrook Expansion Committee is to work with as many experts and stakeholders as possible to plan for thoughtful “right-sizing” of Westbrook’s school facilities.
— Westbrook Building Committee



AbouT Saccarappa

The Saccarappa School expansion will consist of a 29,234 square foot renovation of the existing facility and a 54,919 square foot new addition to make an 84,153 square foot facility with cafeteria, gym and library designed to house up to 600 students.

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About Westbrook Middle School

The Westbrook Middle School expansion will consist of the completion of the third floor of the academic wing with 6 classrooms as well as an expansion of the academic wing to include to classrooms per floor.  The total expansion will consist of 12 classrooms and will give Westbrook Middle School the capacity to house approximately 840 students.

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